My secret page!

O.M.G! You found my secret page! Here I can write stuff outside the public eye. Sort of.


This days I try to find my self in like- fantasy art, but I struggle with it. All my life I painted what I see, from nature. My mom told me, that I should stick to that because my fantasy is so chaotic, that those painting looks like shi*.

Until this day she is right.


My mental state is unclear to me also. To be a public figure hits me in places where my mental illness is not helping. Social media, for example. It’s a nightmare. I must always think well before I write, but what to do when I don’t think well?

People forget that I have schizophrenia. I am forgetting that I have schizophrenia. So, I erase my stupid twits and posts, and look even stupider.


Anyhow! That’s it for now.


Love ya