Self portrait collection

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every work eventually is a self-portrait. a man can never escape from himself especially not by creating. we will always try to create repeatedly our own copies of ourselves without even knowing what we are trying to do. like a mouse in a self trap that is big as the whole world

except being a totally free model, self-portrait allows the freedom to be ugly, unfitted or some other variations of self.

Actually, it is very likely that a person will draw the first portrait of his own face. It is the closes and most patient friend that will never move nor complain.

So far in general.

me, Well, I want to believe that I had already found myself after being lost, belives however will always stay believes, they are a thin patch for the unknown, therefore With those portraits, I seek into the black holes that float behind my eyes. This poor action of looking, searching, can hopefully dig into more holes deeper in my mind.

NOT every portrait is meaningful.

But one after another they leave for me those print steps to find myself. every time I dig a different portrait, I live minor signatures of temporal existence in time and space. 

Yes, I have a lot of them.


oil on canvas 70/60

oil on canvas 100/80 sold

they say that Elephants caress white bones of the dead




Oil on linen 50/70

oil on canvas 80/60 cm empty butle

Dark portrait. sold.

Oil on canvas 80/60


oil on canvas 43. 54 spring

detail SOLD
Tempera on paper

oil on canvas 30/40

peace with my tongue

oil on canvas 50/40

30/40 oil on canvas

tears are good, they wet the eyes.

oil on canvas 100/60
oil on canvas 80/80. sold.

Brushing my hair after a night nightmare

fuck it on fire

oil on canvass 60/ 80


soft pastel on paper light out of my window.

I have a date no1. sold.

soft pastel on paper 50/70 2018

I have a date no2. sold.

soft pastel on paper 50/70 2018

I have a date no 3. sold.

soft pastel on paper 50/70 2018


soft pastels 2.10/70 m

Papa. part from a new project

Soft pastels on paper detail 2.10/50 m 2020

dirty laundry

mix media 180/160 m

behind of a door

oil color on canvas 60/40

Self portrait

oil on canvas 40/60


Oil on canvas 50/70


Oil on canvas 70/100

self portrait

Oil on canvas 70/100

Me and Lili

oil on canvas linen 50/70 2018

Me and Lili

oil colors on linen canvas 50/70 2018

self yelow portrait

oil on canvas 70/90 2020

At the studio

oil on canvas 45/55 2018




Pencils on a raged piece of paper


chalk on paper 50/70 2028


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