some words


Hi, how are you?

I will tell about myself short, o.k?

I am a woman, an artist, I have raised in a house full of women, I don’t have a father. I do have schizophrenia.

I have survived a cult, and a long violent relationship, of physical, emotional and sexual violence. I was hunted by the people of my own country, mocked, hated, feared. I have been in the lowest, and most hopeless places. I was no one, a shadow, I was alone.

now I am loved, appreciated, understood.

I have seen the divine, met gods, demons, I was a mother to two invisible girls and a good friend to my cat.


Now, I’m sitting under a plum tree, at my grandma’s backyard in Ukraine and I feel the closest to happiness. My friends are true, my life is full and meaningful.

art will never fully achieve this experience of human existents. Art, with all its greatness will never be deep as our own life.

But I’m trying, because that’s what I do.


Welcome, and feel free to write me something.